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Cool Air Humidifier Guide|All You Need To Know About Cool Air Humidifiers

A cool air humidifier can transform your home from an arid desert to a cool and refreshing oasis. Also known as a cool mist humidifier, it's the perfect device to keep your skin moist and reduce colds and sinus attacks.

The Bane of Dry Air in Your Home

Do you suffer from dry skin and cracked lips? Are your children prone to colds and sinus attacks? If so, the cause may be the same - dry air in your home.

It's a common problem, especially in the winter months when we tend to spend more time indoors with the heating on.

Forced air heating can severely reduce the level of humidity in your home by up to 10%. It can even reach single digits, making it drier than many of the deserts in the world.

Lack of moisture in the air can cause a drying out of the membranes in the nose, throat and bronchial passages. This can leave you vulnerable to an array of infections.

The result is an array of symptoms ranging from cracked and dry skin to sinus and respiratory infections.

What's worse, bacteria and virii love dry air. The National Academy of Science concluded that the lower the air humidity level, the longer the flu virus can survive. And that means the greater the chance of someone becoming infected.

Clearly, there's a need to increase the level of humidity in your home. But how?

One solution is to use a cool air humidifier to pump out moisture into the air. Running such a device can elevate the air humidity level back up to the optimum range of between 30%-50%. The humidifer health benefits are many.

How Does A Cool Air Humidifier Work?

Essentially, you fill a tank or reservoir with water and the humidifier mechanism transforms this into a mist and pumps this out into your home.

Cool mist humidifier technologies include three basic types:

  • The simplest type is the evaporative humidifier which uses a fan to blow air through a wick or filter which has drawn water up from a tank. These have the highest capacity and release the least minerals into the air. 
  • The ultrasonic humidifier which uses ultrasonic vibrations to vaporize the water. These use very little electricity but can cause the release of minerals into the atmosphere. 
  • The impeller humidifier which uses a high-speed rotating disk to impel the mist against a diffuser and then out into the air. 

Cool air humidifiers are available in a full range of types including whole house, multi room and single room.

Cool mist air humidifiers are especially good for babies and young children who suffer from colds and other respiratory ailments. The mist they produce works to keep the nasal and passages moist and healthy, and also to loosen mucus so that it can be expelled.

You can get models especially designed for children. Usually very colorful, they have a lower capacity and come in the shapes of popular animals such as penguins or elephants.

So is a cool air humidifier just for the winter months?

It depends on where you live, specifically, the level of humidity in the environment around your home.

In dryer climates, humidifiers can provide benefits all year-round. If you live in an especially arid area, you might want to consider getting a whole house or central humidifier which provides constant humidification throughout your home.

Cool Air Humidifier Buyer's Guide

  • The first thing to consider is the capacity of the unit. Most models will run for at least 10 hours before requiring a water refill. This means it can run through the night. As a benchmark, a one liter model - generally the smallest available - will run for around eight hours. 
  • Another factor is the noise of the unit. No humidifier is completely silent because of the fan though most models allow you to adjust the fan speed. Actually, some users find the white noise effect of the fan soothing. 
  • One important feature is a filter which can trap bacteria and mineral dust from the water. 
  • Next, it should be easy to clean. Hygiene is very important with humidifiers. Many high-end models have antibacterial features built in. In any event, you need to clean the water tank at least once a week 
  • Finally it should be self regulating. Excess humidity can cause problems of its own. Some higher end models feature a built-in humidistat to regulate the level of air humidification. This can save on running costs, too. At the very least, make sure your cool air humidifier has a system to shut itself off automatically when the water level gets low.

A cool air humidifer is an inexpensive and simple way to enhance your home environment and keep your family healthy. Check out the websites of leading vendors for the best deals.

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